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Sonja Kilbertus

Sonja Kilbertus is producer for DokLab GmbH in Bern, Switzerland since 2016 and for Evolution Film in Munich since 2009. 2017 - participant of Documentary Campus Masterschool with URBAN GENESIS. 2015-2016 she was working for RECK Filmproduction Zurich as Production Manager and Producer. 2012-2014 she produced „MATCH ME! - HOW TO FIND LOVE IN MODERN TIMES“ by Lia Jaspers in coproduction with BR and ARTE, which premiered in the competition of DOK Leipzig 2014 and was released theatrically in Germany. 2009-2011 as freelance Producer for the theatrical documentary GLÜCKSFORMELN by Larissa Trüby in Germany. As an author, in 2011 she co-wrote MATCH ME! and won the first price at the BR TELEPOOL Treatment Competition for her script MIRRORED BY HORSES. In 2008 she produced the fiction THE BIG BLISS AS IT WERE by Alexander Stecher as graduation film of the filmacademy Vienna. Born 1981 in Wels, Austria. 2002 to 2007 studies in film production and cinematography at the film academy Vienna. Responsible as producer for numerous short and medium long films. Intermediate Diploma in Sociology at the University Vienna 2002.

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