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Three young activists Lorie, Inès and Mila fight against harassment and sexual violence. They do not want to be perceived as victims and want to change the world, which they still perceive as patriarchal.

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This film is about the life of the radical feminist collective "ELM" in Geneva. For one year, the film follows three members: Inès, Lorie and Mila. With legal and illegal actions, the collective tries to shake up the conservative and patriarchal Swiss society. In addition to their participation in the collective, each of our protagonists has a personal story to tell, and each has a more or less complicated relationship with her mother.


Written & directed by SVETLANA RODINA

Director of Photography LAURENT STOOP

Production of Mayak Film (Laurent Stoop) in Co-Production with DokLab (Corinna Dästner, Dodo Hunziker) and RTS, supported by the Federal Office of Culture Switzerland, Filmfunding Bern, Cinéforom, Pacte de l'audiovisuel, Succèss Passage Antenne and Fonds de production télévisuelle.