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Garbage Ho!
documentary film in progress
55 min.

The artist Harald Reichenbach is sailing around the world for a conceptual art project. He wants to draw attention to the deadly littering of the sea through his "social sculpture".

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The film "Garbage Ho!" documents the creation of the art project "g-cubes". The filmmaker follows Reichenbach’s journey around the globe and captures the encounters between the artist and the local population. The film portrays Reichenbach's biographical background and motivation.

Swiss artist Harald Reichenbach from Bern, Switzerland is the founder and pioneer of the G-Cubes project. Coming from a largely mountainous country, with no direct access to the sea, he was inspired by voyages he had taken upon the oceans and his first direct contact with the kilometers wide areas of ocean strewn with plastic waste. As an artist and deeply touched by these experiences, he felt it was time to do something about this growing catastrophe.

He therefore decided to make a statement and inform people around the world with his art. This is how the idea of the "social sculpture" G-Cube (garbage cube) came about: Sailing around the world, Reichenbach is involving local people in collecting plastic from the oceans and beaches and turning this waste into works of art, which will be exhibited worldwide and sold upon the international art market. Reichenbach wants to return the waste with a new value to its originator - Western society.


writing, directing: Dodo Hunziker


Harald Reichenbach