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"Home" in Russian
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A lost generation of young Russians arrives in Tbilisi, Georgia. Forced to leave their homeland by Putin’s war and repression, they live as digital dissidents in search of a new home.

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DOM is about a lost generation of young Russians. Arriving from places all over Russia, they now live in an improvised private shelter in Tbilisi in Georgia: a student couple, a singer, a journalist, a Navalny activist, a gay blogger and former politician. They are ordinary citizens who had never considered emigration. They do not belong to the famous avant-garde of resistance but are still committed to an open and democratic civil society. In the last six months 500’000 Russians are said to have left Russia. They are threatened not by tanks or missiles, but by the regime's ever-increasing repression, which hits any criticism of the war and any form of civic activism. Forced to leave their homeland by Putin’s war, they live as digital dissidents searching for a new home.


Written & directed by SVETLANA RODINA und LAURENT STOOP

Director of Photography LAURENT STOOP


A DOKLAB production in coproduction with SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, funded by Bundesamt für Kultur, Cinéforom, Berner Filmförderung, Suissimage and Succès Passage Antenne.